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Helping creatives and businesses make a more interesting future. 


Our Project Model

Here at Pixel & Ink, we specialize in project-based archival fine art giclee printing and custom framing. We plan out projects with clients from start to finish and provide the focused attention and customer service that only a small custom studio can provide.


Chasing Coral: Scanning & editing

For more than two years now, we've worked with UGA Josiah Meigs Distinguished Professor Jim Porter to digitize the full set of film images he took in Jamaica during 1976-1986 to track the changes in coral. These images have now been used in the Netflix documentary "Chasing Coral" as scientists continue to learn about the decline of coral around the world.


PDR.org: Fine art printing & framing

Pixel & Ink Studio serves at the U.S.-based printer and framer for PublicDomainReview.org, an online journal and not-for-profit project dedicated to the exploration of curious and compelling works from the history of art, literature, and ideas. PDR is based in the UK, and we handle the order fulfillment and shipping on their behalf for U.S. customers.


BS.com: Limited edition prints

The Bitter Southerner asked artist Stephen Key to paint a series of birds of the South. Pixel & Ink scanned the originals, designed the print file, and ran limited edition runs of 100 giclee prints for each image. The Bitter Southerner staff, based in Atlanta, takes orders online and ships the prints from their office.



UGA: Scans, edits, prints & frames

Pixel & Ink has completed several projects for various University of Georgia departments that called for start-to-completion scanning, image restoration, fine art prints and custom frames. These projects now grace halls on campus and have been received by current students, alumni and big name donors.


Today’s artists.
Tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

We've talked to so many artists and creatives who — just like we did — want to create a life they want to live that allows them to work on their craft, make a good living and continue to contribute to and speak up for the causes that matter to them most. We've been there and struggled through the ups and downs. Our online classes can help you pave the way, too.


Pixel & think content

Continuing the conversation

Not everyone can — or wants to — take classes to advance their career, of course. That's why we create weekly content (blogs, videos and audio) to keep the conversation going about why it's important to bolster your creative muse, how to brand and market your work, and when it's time to step off the ledge and jump into selling your work.