Pixel & ink studio = CAROLYN & laulea

We started Pixel & Ink in August 2015 as a creative entrepreneurial project that focused on printing, editing and scanning for customers in Athens, Georgia. Back then, we launched in the Chase Park warehouse and enjoyed getting to know many of our long-time customers.

After a year, our building was sold and we moved to a tiny office suite at the Bottleworks on Prince Avenue, which helped us to evaluate our business and how we wanted to grow in Athens.

Then the opportunity of a lifetime popped up — the old Secret Squirrel building on Broad Street opened for lease but needed a ton of work. We spent six months renovating the building while still taking print and edit orders. This is where we launched our custom framing service, as well as the Trio Contemporary Art Gallery in the building's renovated upstairs.

Now in September 2018, we're refocusing on a boutique model that plays up our "zones of genius" — Laulea will give focused, specialized attention to fine art printing and custom framing projects, and Carolyn is launching resources for artists, such as online courses and weekly conversations about art life.

Have a project for us? Get in touch!

- CC & LT