Tarot Cards, Skateboards, a Mural and More

You may have noticed the mural going up above our new space at 766 W. Broad. One of our favorite artists in Athens, James Greer, is doing a fantastic design just for us. Come take a look!

Flagpole wrote about Greer and his tarot card work, as well as the mural and our opening of Trio. They said:

"FINISHING TOUCHES AT TRIO: More of Greer’s work can be seen on the exterior of 766 West Broad St., the new home of Pixel & Ink Studio and Trio Contemporary Art Gallery. Over the past few months, the owners have made major strides towards completing the three-story building’s renovations. All the while, Greer has been steadily designing a new mural for the facade where the large futuristic letters of “Money Machine” once hovered above the entrance to the beloved Secret Squirrel.

Greer’s mural is fantastical and dreamlike, depicting two big-eyed, cloaked characters amidst a swirling design. Details like an old-fashioned keyhole, crescent moon through a floating window and fluffy yet big-clawed critter add to the mystery. 

“I would like anyone looking at it to form their own story, but essentially it is a non-religious variation on the ‘Ark’ narrative,” says Greer. “Two otherworldly beings are moving through the universe with the remnants of civilization in tow, searching for a new place to call home. They carry with them all of the things they could grab that they hold dear.”

Though translating a small drawing into a massive wall painting has been one of Greer’s most physically and mentally demanding artistic challenges so far, he manages to create incredible shading and depth through his trusted palette of black and white.

The first chance to see the space’s completed transformation will be at the opening reception for Trio’s inaugural group exhibition, “Nasty Women Athens,” on Friday, June 30. Co-curated by Tatiana Veneruso and Melissa Lee, the show is part of a worldwide series demonstrating solidarity in the face of policies that encroach on women’s rights and reproductive health.

Submissions of all media are welcome from anyone who identifies with the ideologies of Nasty Women, and images of work should be sent to trioathens@gmail.com by Saturday, May 27. Proceeds from the exhibition will support the Feminist Women’s Health Center in Atlanta.

“Nasty Women Athens” will remain on view through Aug. 20, and will be followed by “Color Theory,” a group exhibition presenting artists who focus on color as the central element within their work. Proposals will be accepted through July 31, and the show will run Sept. 1–Oct. 15."

Laulea Taylor