TV Gallery, Free Art Fridays & Athens Art Prints

Great news happening in the Athens art world right now! We started, a print-on-demand service for Athens artists to sell prints of their original works online. It's a great program we're excited to start, and I hope you'll join us in supporting and celebrating artists. 

Flagpole wrote a great piece to explain it. They said:

"Athens Art Prints: Photography boutique Pixel & Ink recently unveiled its latest endeavor,, an online gallery offering purchasable prints of local artwork. The website launched with 130 pieces by 32 artists, and co-owners Carolyn Crist and Laulea Taylor don’t have any intentions of slowing down. The duo hope to eventually grow the project into an all-inclusive catalog of local artists complete with written profiles. 

“Many amazing Athens artists either sell their originals for way less than they are worth, or don't sell at all because what they are worth is more than anyone in town can afford. Plus, there isn’t a great venue for people to visit when they want to buy a print for their walls or just browse through a variety of local art,” says Crist. “The solution: Sell your art for what it's worth by making endless prints you can sell at an affordable price.” 

This is where Pixel & Ink steps in. Between capturing a detailed and color-matched image of artwork, printing physical copies and paying consignment fees to retail stores, investing in high-quality prints can be an expensive, often fruitless process for independent artists. Using a print-on-demand business model, however, Pixel & Ink is able to eliminate overhead costs by only printing once customers have selected their desired artwork and size. Artists are able to set their own predetermined profit, and the shop earns money by adding on a printing fee rather than charging the artists consignment fees. 

Styles differ greatly, with the current roster including the likes of Cameron Bliss, Cindy Jerrell, Jeremy Kiran Fernandes, Jill Carnes and Will Eskridge. The criteria for accepting new artists is that applicants must live within 20 miles of Athens and demonstrate the ability to self-promote. Artists interested in selling their prints should email"

Laulea Taylor