crafting a creative life

Let's talk about what's really at stake here — creatives making a living and loving what they do.


We launched this business in 2015 with the dream of making something new, vibrant and meaningful in our town of creatives. We've bumped through the ups and downs — that's for sure — but we're still here and stronger than before as we've figured out the financial, administrative, organizational and customer service aspects of owning & running  your own business.

In honor of how much we've learned in 3 years in business, we've launched the Make Your Mark courses for artists and creative entrepreneurs to learn more about the non-negotiables when it comes to branding and marketing their work. 

Sign up below and join us for the online class at the end of September.


Along with the Make Your Mark course, Pixel & Ink keeps the conversation going each week with thoughts about business, creative living and thriving in this non-stop technology- and consumer-driven world.

Join us for blogs, videos and podcasts to lead you on the way to a better creative life. We want you to be part of the conversation.