Pixel & Ink Studio
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A bit about us

Pixel & Ink is a printing and framing studio in Athens, GA. 

We specialize in archival/giclee prints, custom framing, mounting,
fine art reproduction, and event rentals. 



Looking for photo and art-related work? We're here for you!

 Images by Tatiana Kiselyova

Images by Tatiana Kiselyova

Archival printing

Want prints for an upcoming gallery show or a beautiful display? Our HDR Ultrachrome ink + 15 coated papers rate prints archival for up to 150 years. Perfect for art, photographs and family memories you want to keep for years to come.

 Restoration by Laulea Taylor

Restoration by Laulea Taylor

Photo restoration & touchups

Do your favorite photos have cracks, tears or missing parts? Or do you need to remove a person or background from one? We can fix it! If you want beauty edits or a zany Photoshop design, we can do that, too.

 Photo by Matt Hardy

Photo by Matt Hardy

Event rental

Do you need a place to meet with a group or put on an event, such as an art gathering, small performance, or group meeting in an aesthetically-pleasing space? We may have just the spot for you and your needs.

 Frame wall inside Pixel & Ink

Frame wall inside Pixel & Ink

Custom framing

Want to preserve those prints in a gorgeous way? Check out more than 150 frames that pair with our acid-free mats, glass and floaters to keep your images looking as good as the day you printed them.  

 Painting by Jim Wlson

Painting by Jim Wlson

Art reproduction

As an artist, it can be tough to sell your originals for the prices they're worth. That's why you should sell prints! We use a DSLR camera to capture a high-quality image that replicates the textures and colors of your original piece.

 Upstairs studio available

Upstairs studio available

Photo studio rental

Hey photographers - Need a place to shoot your next gig, either by the day or even by the hour? Our studio has a seamless white cyc wall and plenty of space for you.

 Images by Jordana Russell

Images by Jordana Russell

Unique mounting

You may have seen those fabulous gallery wraps and prints on metal, wood, acrylic, tile and fabric. We now have the equipment to produce those locally! Tell us your crazy ideas and see how we can experiment with you.

 Scanner says hello!

Scanner says hello!


Need scans of your negatives, slides, old photos or artwork to save as digital files or make prints? We have film carriers for 35mm, 120mm and 4x5s and can scan anything up to 12"x17" on our graphic arts flatbed up to 2400 DPI.

 All kinds of patches and buttons

All kinds of patches and buttons


We stock what we love — 35mm and 120mm film, Polaroid cameras, patches, pins, buttons, ritual kits, notebooks, candles, and custom items for anyone who wants a little more creativity in their aesthetic. You can't find some of these items anywhere else.


Our Team

Your images are in good hands. Altogether, we have years of experience in printing, framing, photo restoration, film, gallery curation, branding, writing and social media. Ask us how we can best help you!


"When you digitize and restore your images, you preserve history for years to come."

Laulea Taylor, co-owner

Laulea's expertise is the backbone of Pixel & Ink's service offerings. In frame shops since age 15, Laulea offers up quick tips for framing and displaying images in creative, unique ways. With her magical Photoshop skills, she delves deeply into advanced photo restoration work, color-calibrated art captures and cutting-edge photo touchup techniques.


"Whether it's art, journalism or business, storytelling is key to reaching others today."

Carolyn Crist, co-owner

A freelance journalist who specializes in health and medical reporting, Carolyn handles the marketing, financial and administrative side of Pixel & Ink. She pitches in with printing, scanning and event planning but primarily focuses on the content — the stories, videos and podcasts — you'll see in 2017. Pick her brain about photojournalism or storytelling.

Tony Ransom, Production Pro

Armed with a master's degree in sculpture and several gallery shows under his belt, Tony believes in helping artists create and display their work in the best way possible.

Jordana Russell, Photographer

Building on a degree in photography and years of editorial experience, Jordana is the Pixel & Ink in-house photographer. She's got your back with film, lighting and color advice.

Tatiana Veneruso, Curator

You've seen Tatiana at every art event around town, and now you can meet her at TRIO as the gallery director and creative curator. Ask her about artist branding and social media tips.